Upcoming Events at the Wine House

Lapis Luna Winery, CA
with Clair Sumner, CLS Distributing
Thursday, August 7th
5:00 to 6:30PM
RSVP required please www.firstavenuewinehouse@msn.com or
$10 donation to this event appreciated at the door
Appetizers will be provided

The owners of the Lapis Luna Wines are relentless in their vision to create distinct wines that will have an allure not unlike that of the pull of the moon on the tides. Never again will you have to wait for the next blue moon to enjoy the best California has to offer.

In an industry where you would never expect such quality wine in this price bracket, founder Sal Nuccio is a breath of fresh air. Born in Italy, he has a no-nonsense approach to the philosophy of making great wine. As opposed to the mass producers, their limited production allows them the luxury of giving that personal touch to every aspect of the wine making process.

The wines are a result of a unique relationship established with several family owned vineyards in Northern California’s premium grape growing regions. They are involved in all aspects from the grape to the bottle, and thus able to ensure that the wines are of highest quality.

If it’s true that great things happen “once in a blue moon”, then Lapis Luna is testimony to wine worth waiting for. Each vintage is the inspiration of a team of individuals dedicated to creating an exceptional, handcrafted wine at an exceptional price.

From overseeing the growth of the grapes to the bottling of the wine, the founders of Lapis Luna believe every sip should be an experience that is sexy, soft, intense, and loaded with flavors.