Wine House “Spring” Wine Picks


2012 Kunde Chardonnay $15.99 (regularly $18)
It has been years since we have carried the Kunde brand in our shop. Once back in front of us, we fell in love with this particular vintage of their Chardonnay. We loved the fact that it has subtle oak flavors with a nice balance of fruit. Some people like the oak in Chardonnay and others like a more crisp style. We think this is a nice balance of both.

2013 St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc $14.99 (regularly $20)
We have been long time fans of St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc making it a white wine staple in our home for years now. When we tried the 2013, we were blown away! While, like most Sauvignon Blancs, there is grapferuit on the palate, it isn’t overly done like many from New Zealand. This is an easy wine for everyone and will go down like water once the weather warms up and we are back to sipping outside. This is your warning!!!!

2012 Revelry Riesling $14.99
If you aren’t familiar with Washington State wines, it is time to experiment! We feel fortunate to carry Revelry, a small boutique winery, in our shop. In addition to the Riesling, we carry their Merlot, Cabernet, Meritage, Reserve Cabernet and Chardonnay. We chose the Riesling for our “spring” pick because Riesling is the most versatile grape in the wine world. It gets a bad wrap among dry wine drinkers BUT most winemakers prefer Riesling to any other grape when it comes to casual sipping or food pairings. We love the Revelry because it isn’t overly sweet. It is elegant with hints of honeysuckle, grapefruit and lavender on the palate. Great to start the evening off with a variety of cheeses!


2012 Carmenent Pinot Noir $12.99
Pinot Noir is a tricky varietal when it comes to finding a quality bottle for a reasonable price. When we tasted the Carmenet, we knew we had found just that. There is an abundant amount of strawberries and spice which leads to flavors of raspberry. The winemaker blended a tiny amount of Petite Syrah into this wine which lends some extra fruit and depth. Easy for any seasoned or beginning Pinot Noir drinker to consume.

2012 Stonecap Merlot $10.99
Merlot is another varietal that gets a bad rap. Either people remember the movie “Sideways” and how Merlot was totally dissed, or they won’t drink it because someone else told them that is wasn’t cool. Time to think otherwise. We refer to Merlot as the “string” section in an orchestra because of it’s constant smooth presence and easy to drink flavors. When we tried Stone Cap, we were shocked at the quality for the affordable price! It is velvety and smooth with rich flavors of red berry, plum and ripe cherry, highlighted with notes of mocha and spice.

2012 Felino Cabernet $19.99
We have been long time fans of winemaker Paul Hobbs. He has been referred to as the “Steve Jobs” of wine and will go down as one of California’s best and most innovative winemakers. In addition to his work in Napa & Sonoma, Paul has many other irons in the fire. He is also winemaker and importer to many wines around the world. Felino is his latest project out of Argentina. We carry both the Cabernet and the Malbec (also $19.99) and we love them because not only are they made true to Argentine fashion, they have just a slight California influence which is nice to the new world palate. This is just a great Cabernet worth every dollar!

2010 Summers Charbono $29.99
Last February Ron and I (along with some friends and customers) had the chance to spend some time at Summers Winery with owner Jim Summers. We wanted to visit the winery mainly to taste his popular and well rated (by wine critics) Charbono. Most people have never heard of Charbono and the only reason we had is because a good friend of ours, Michael Turner, in Napa has been very responsible for resurrecting this grape. We carry the exclusive on Micheal’s Charbono here at the shop and have a lot of luck with that, so we thought it would make sense to taste the Summers Charbono. After a year of waiting, we finally landed some of his delicious wine.
History of Charbono:
Allegedly, Italian immigrants brought Charbono vines here in the late 1800s thinking they were Barbera. It was bottled as Barbera by Inglenook Winery and even won several medals as Barbera. Eventually, DNA testing done by Professor Carole Meredith of UC Davis proved that Charbono is the French variety Corbeau, aka Charbonneau. Charbono wine is only produced in California, adding to its exclusive appeal. Now there are only 80 acres of Charbono planted in California, half of which are in Calistoga. Calistoga is a sweet spot for Charbono, and most of the older vineyards are there. Today only 16 wineries produce Charbono; with Summers Estate Wines holding the title of Charbono King for producing the largest amount of this special wine annually - about 1400 cases.

Meet the Winemaker!

Byron Dooley

Seven of Hearts Winery, Oregon
Thursday, April 24th
5:00 to 7:00
No charge, light appetizers included


Byron will be making his Iowa debut and has agreed to pay us a visit!  He has a very interesting story in that Byron and his team work with fourteen to fifteen different vineyards in the Willamette (Oregon) and Columbia Valleys (Washington).  Although Byron’s past career was in the industry of technology, he and his wife decided to pursue their dream in wine by selling their home in San Francisco and move to the Napa Valley. While earning his viticulture and winemaking degree at Napa Valley College, Byron planted a small vineyard on their property with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. He interned at respected Pinot noir producer Williams Selyem, and also made his own Bordeaux-style wine from two successive vintages of Napa fruit. In 2004 Byron and his wife moved to Oregon and in 2006, he produced his first vintage and the rest is history.  For more information on our guest, visit

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