Upcoming Events!

Join us for one of our last outdoor tastings this year! 

Wine Tasting with BNA Wine Group & Dimitri Wine & Spirits
Thursday, September 11th
5:00 to 7:00PM
$10 at the door…$5 off a two bottle BNA purchase!
RSVP by calling 298-9463 or firstavenuewinehouse@msn.com
Appetizers included


Two years ago Ron and I were in Key West and attended a wine tasting event.  We stumbled upon a tent with a kind gentleman pouring some fabulous wines!  We introduced ourselves and explained that we owned a wine shop and asked him if his company (BNA) would be interested in selling their wines in Iowa.  He was interested and we found a distributor to bring them into the state.  They have been very successful in locally owned shops like ours and restaurants. Dane McFarlin from BNA Wine Group along with Vic Kuper from Dimitri Wine & Spirits will be here to pour these great wines for you.  www.bnawinegroup.com